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Bee Savvy
Bee Savvy are beekeepers and the makers of all of their products. They pride themselves on being involved in every step of the creative process, from working with the bees while harvesting their quality honey and beeswax, to hand pouring each body balm and lotion bar. Water is usually the main ingredient in commercial creams and lotions. All of Bee Savvy’s skincare products are waterless, which means no bacteria, which means no preservatives, which equals better skincare.​The best skincare.​ The desire with Bee Savvy’s waterless products is to create rich and potent moisturizers with botanical oils as the base. Bee Savvy’s lotion bars are the perfect example of waterless lotion, in an easy push-up tube and highly concentrated with beeswax for a low melting point.

Yow Popcorn Co.

Yow Popcorn opened its doors in 2017. Brother and sister duo, Michael Sinclair and Fiona Gotlieb both wanted a change from their prior careers and when the opportunity to open a gourmet popcorn business presented itself to them, they leaped in feet first and haven’t looked back. Now with a loyal following in Ottawa, they are glad they did! Their delicious recipes are created by tumbling popcorn kernels with specially sourced seasonings like Truffle, Sriracha, Dill Pickle, Cinnamon… and the list goes on! In addition to delicious popcorn, they also offer customization of their simple brown bag packaging with a stamp or sticker. Their delicious Truffle Parmesan is on our Summer Box!


Fizzy Cakes Bath Goods

Locally made in Hintonburg. Amy and PJ of Fizzy Cakes Bath Goods make unique delicious scented Bath and Shower treats. Their “Five Alive Bath Salt Tea” is a fan favourite. Simply sprinkle into your bath and let the sweet mix of citrus scents, Epsom and Sea Salt take you away to a relaxing tropical paradise. The added a touch of tea is the latest trend in bath products to help infuse your bath with even more scent and luxury.


Herbal Era

HerbalEra creates unique Canadian handmade skin care products ensuring the best choice for your body and the planet. With a goal to connect you with affordable botanical body care products and help you reduce your ecological footprint by using eco-friendly packaging. Their work is based on the responsibility and the awareness of offering a quality service, where each product is the fruit of the close relationship between the maker and customers.


Strandberry Goods

Amanda Strandberg and Megan Berry make up the BFF and mom duo of StrandBerry goods. They started making face pads as they are both cloth diapering moms who wanted to do something themselves to decrease garbage imprint. Amanda and Megan started making the face pads just for themselves and found that there were others out there that also wanted to do their part for the environment and use locally made reusable products. Along with the face pads they had made drool bibs and had started on a whim to make felt boards for kids and everything has just grown from there. Strandberry Goods love that they can offer things for moms, babies and kids and they are always coming up with new ideas. They also love making our clients ideas come to life. Find their face pads in our Summer Box! Click here to follow Strandberry Handmade Goods on Facebook.



Emmy’s Earrings

Emmy’s Earrings are handmade with hypoallergenic plastic posts for sensitive ears. Designed with her daughter in mind, styles were expanded into types adults could wear as well! Emmy’s  Earrings are an adorable and affordable option for those that can only wear gold. Best of all they are extremely light weight and you won't even feel like you are wearing them. Click here to follow Emmy's Earrings on Facebook. 

 Pre-Order Gift from Naturally Natural Coco Nut
Lavender & Rosemary Calendula Bath Bomb :
Calendula is a medicinal flower with many benefits. Anti-fungal, anti- inflammatory, antibacterial. Useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema & antiseptic! Lavender & Rosemary essential oils not only smell amazing but cover a wide variety of healing qualities. From wound healing, to relaxing, helping with anxiety, hormone balancing, headaches & migraines, cough suppressant and relieving tension. This wonderful bath soak that has many healing benefits & moisturizes the skin.  Click here to follow Naturally Natural Coco Nut on Facebook.